Virtual Conduits: How Overwatch’s Inclusivity Promotes Hope

Tracer, Overwatch’s flagship hero, sporting the recently-released Graffiti skin / Verge

I think diversity is a beautiful end result that you get when you embrace inclusivity and open mindedness.

LGBTQ In Overwatch: On the Right Track

The pioneer. / Moby
In-game dialogue of Krem.
A statement to be made.
Tracer’s lesbian? Alright, cool. So, when’s the next event? / Reflections

LGBTQ In RuneScape: A Recipe For Disaster

The calm before the storm.

There’s a time and place for everything, but not now.

Will we do events like these again? Well that depends what you mean. The aim was clear to us, and I am sure we will have events with similar aims, although we might deliver them differently.

Honestly, what did they expect?

Well-Structured Hero Identity Actively Resonates

After just a few hours of playing, these quickly become recognizable. / Moai

Foreign Cultures Are Important

An opportunity for a different perception.

The map itself is intended as a deviation of how Iraq has usually been portrayed in games (war-torn). The idea was … perhaps a better future for the country could be represented.

Ana’s well-crafted Tal skin, paying homage to traditional Korean masks. / GeekBomb

The Attentive Embrace of Stereotypes and Disorders

Again, a strong statement told in a beautiful way.
Real change through virtual means.

Further Thoughts On Symmetra’s Implementation

Usually characters depicted with traits of being on the autism spectrum are shown as weird or negative, like Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory.

As for the differences between autism and Asperger’s, that’s a very large can of worms.

Asperger’s helps narrow things down a bit as a descriptor. As for a general messages, representation matters.

So, while I may have trouble with the definition of empathy, it makes me an extremely empathetic person.


Hope For the Future

Never accept the world as it appears to be. Dare to see it for what it could be. — Harold Winston

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