Alch in his element on an MPC, courtesy of Red Bull

The Chemistry Behind Alan “The Alchemist” Maman

He read it!

The Mudfoot Era

Alch in ’96 at the Cypress Hill Smoking Grooves Tour, captured by Estevan Oriol on T-Max Pro film
Their “breakout” single, re-released in 2019; Alch was 16 in the video
B-Real at Woodstock ’94, captured by Estevan Oriol on Tri-X 400 film

The Cusp of Making It

Muggz House, a floppy disk containing some of Muggs’ earliest work from ‘97
Originally produced by DJ Muggs for Soul Assassins, Alchemist went through and remixed it (unlisted credit)
Alch’s first work with Dilated Peoples
One of Dilated Peoples’ earlier releases; a very successful one at that, via ABB Records
Alch was getting into his groove by the time this dropped
Big Body Bes, Diplo, Madlib, Fraud, Meyhem, Bronson, Alch, and the man himself, DJ Muggs

Lost In New York

The Infamous cover, shot by Chi Modu in ‘95
Never-before-seen contact sheets of Havoc and P, courtesy of Chi Modu
Never-before-seen contact sheets of Havoc and P, courtesy of Chi Modu
DJ Premier, D’Angelo, Dilla, and Al, Electric Lady Studios, Greenwich Village ‘98
The one and only; photo by Johnny Nunez
About 4 minutes in, he’s asked about Mobb Deep and expands upon meeting Havoc and Prodigy
An interlude originally intended for Focused Daily, Defari’s album, was ultimately used by Mobb Deep
A classic Mobb Deep joint, with Kool G Rap on the feature to seal the deal
One of Al’s most iconic beats; this beat was also used in 2017 for Action Bronson’s freestyle

The New Millennium

Front sleeve
Back with credits
The Source Magazine, January 2001

2001: A Hip-Hop Odyssey

We Gon’ Make It

A classic vibe

Dilated Peoples — Worst Comes to Worst

Perhaps one of the most familiar beats in hip-hop
remo himself makes a cameo next to Al on the boards; it was very clear the level Al was operating at

1st Infantry and Hold You Down

The OG version
The TV version
1st Infantry, 2004
Al rocking a matching Moschino bucket and shirt, with Mobb Deep in ’03; photo by Johnny Nunez
Alchemist previewing an upcoming track in 2003 to an Express Garage employee named Amir @ W 96th
The same song he previewed, which dropped January 1, 2004 (promoted by vinyl in 2003)
Mr. Porter, Lord Sear, Em, Whoo Kid, Rosenberg, and Alch in ’17; photo by Maro Hagopian

Becoming Eminem’s DJ

Yes, that’s a typo on the official tour DVD… The Alechemist listed as “Eminem’s DJ”

Volume of Work

The album was an underground classic
Chopping it up on an Akai MPC 2500
One of the only examples of the music video which exists on YouTube today
Chemical Warfare, 2009
“It was an honor to have him rap on my beats,”
“I was only after the props, really I was never after the fame,”
A joint he did for Evidence featuring Fashawn
Gutter Water, 2010

Gutter Water

Covert Coup, 2011

Covert Coup

he two would end up making magic together, and embark on many flavor breakthroughs; photo by Rob Kim

The Action Bronson Era

One of the best shitpost videos between these two guys ever published
Russian Roulette, 2012

The Vortex of Russian Roulette

Booklet art for tracks 1–18
Booklet art for tracks 19–30, and the back cover of the album
An ode to The Alchemist from a young Earl Sweatshirt
Earl and Uncle Al, half a decade later, crafting beats

Contributions Abound

Albert Einstein, 2013; cover by Dom Dirtee
Deep cut from P and Alch
Volume 2, containing the game’s score
Two dapper gentleman, Evidence and Al; photo credit of Rhymesayers Entertainment

Step Brothers

Closer to the Present

As you can see in the comments, this song was virtually unknown prior to the release of Terry
Al and P, 2016; photo by Nicholas Hunt

The Passing of Prodigy

Alch exclaims, “I miss my brother.”
Al links up with Sway and speaks on P passing
Can’t forget Paris

No Days Off in 2018

Again, with the cinematic theme
Lunch Meat EP, 2018
Fetti, 2018

Italian Situations

A luxurious breakthrough of sound
Muggs, Madlib, and Uncle Al; they aren’t just friends, they’re family

2020 Vision

The Price Of Tea In China, 2020; cover art created by Kei Imazu
A gritty, eerie, and unsettling dark aesthetic only enhanced the beats across this entire project

The Art of LULU

A calculated theme perfectly captures Conway’s aesthetic
LULU cover, 2020, shot by Brandon Cole
Alternate shots of the same shark which graces the cover of LULU


Food Villain, 2020

The Food Villain

Fisherman Al

The Alchemist

Estevan Oriol, DJ Muggs, Al, and B-Real in 2001; photo courtesy of Eric Bobo