Jun in his element, captured for People & Tools magazine, a Japanese audio engineering publication

Deep Dive: The Immortal Legacy of Seba “Nujabes” Jun

Guinness Records and Sweet Sticky Thing

The cover and a physical of Sweet Sticky Thing
The tracklist(s), courtesy of maxwellt
Ain’t No Mystery, a collaboration between Nujabes and L-Universe (Verbal)

Creating ‘To This Union A Sun Was Born’ with Substantial

Ristorante, a mixtape playing into the food aesthetic
Bowery Kitchen, the very spot mentioned

Tracking Down Funky DL

Music from Naphta, cover created by Jun himself in 2005

Shing02 and the Luv(Sic) Hexalogy

Notes scrawled on notebook paper during the Luv(sic) era by Shingo
Live concert poster; design by Syu, the same artist for Jun’s album covers
Live concert poster; design by Syu, the same artist for Jun’s album covers

Exploring Music and Self with Nao Tokui

The Methodology Behind Metaphorical Music

A compilation of Hydeout’s best, entitled Hydeout Productions FIRST COLLECTION, dropped in April of 2003
A fan-favorite; Metaphorical Music dropped in August of 2003
The breakdown of Jun’s gear; scans courtesy of Josue Silva

Samurai Champloo: Mixing Ancient Japanese Traditions with Hip-Hop

Samurai Champloo limited comics, Part 1
Samurai Champloo limited comics, Part 2
DVD for Samurai Champloo; Volume 7

The Era of Modal Soul

A playlist of every sample ever used by Jun

Jun’s Last Album: Hydeout Productions 2nd Collections

How the original painting (right) was discovered by Hydeout remains unknown

Jun’s Lasting Legacy

The logo for Hydeout which Jun created; no one knows what it was meant to convey or portray
Spiritual State, the last project (posthumous) to carry Jun’s name on it
L to R: Fat Jon, Pase Rock, Marcus D, Cise Starr, Funky DL, Substantial
L to R: Marcus with Mao (Jun’s brother), and Jun’s mother